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Lady "P " Customized Creations

"Let Me Do You A Favour"

“Let Me Do You A Favour” is an independently owned company specializing in unique handcrafted customized creations. Items are beautifully detailed with Rhinestone designs or themed decor, featuring everything from a variety of drinking glasses, gift baskets, personalized plaques etc.


As a young girl Paula has always been crafty and was very good at creating different & unique products.  This became more profound to her as she got older and learned more about detailed work.  Paula has the ability to take something and make it her own.  She only need to see something that impressed or inspired her and she would understand how it was made and produce it.  Paula makes this statement with emotion & gratitude "I think this business has opened my world up in ways I have no words for and has allowed me to have a personal relationship with my customers."

You will surely be Fabulous at any function or simply at home with your customized creation.


Our goal is to provide you with great products at affordable prices.  Please continue to visit the page to for new products and updates.

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